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Is it time to move on from QuickBooks and take the next step?

Is it time to move on from QuickBooks and take the next step?

As businesses evolve, so do their needs. For those relying on QuickBooks, a widely used tool for small businesses, recognizing its limitations is crucial for sustained growth. But when is a move to Microsoft Dynamics not just a software migration but a strategic leap toward unlocking new business outcomes?

While QuickBooks is synonymous with small business accounting, it's common for businesses to outgrow its capabilities during their growth cycle.  As your business continues to evolve, so do your accounting needs.  Here are some key questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your current business software.


1) How accurate are my business software systems?


QuickBooks native user-friendly interface enables brand-new business owners to have hands-on access to their financial data in ways that historically have not been seen. With features that required man-power and time-consuming tasks to produce relevant information, QuickBooks allows for elementary tasks and financial information to be produced in record time. But as your business grows you find many times that supplementing deficiencies in QuickBooks goes from intuitive workarounds to cumbersome and redundant tasks such as:

  • Manual Data Entry.
  • Multi-Spreadsheet Dependency.
  • Data and Accounting Error Correction.
  • Limited Visibility from End-Users.

Often, businesses fall victim to critical errors in a workflow that result in unforeseen expenditures. Almost universally we see clients that Sourcepass has successfully migrated to Dynamics see great savings between inventory purchases, reduced man-hours, improved data analysis, and more expedient annual/quarter/month end reports.


2) Is my current business software fully utilized?


When new business owners start using QuickBooks, they usually do not have the need for a plethora of utilities more mature business need such as: Payroll, CRM, Active Inventory Management, Automated A/P, Audit Trail, Reporting, and more. But as your business evolves and you begin to utilize the native capabilities of QuickBooks the ceiling is often reached faster than an owner realizes. We often see with partners who choose Dynamics have these common issues such as:

  • Unnecessary spend on additional services.
  • Disjoined software tools leading to data errors.
  • Unnecessary hiring and man-hours.
  • Limited visibility between departments.

When our clients make the switch to Dynamics with Sourcepass there is a tailored process for each client's experience. That enables our team to fully utilize the capabilities of their business software without additional spend, allowing for a more streamlined current workflow and new capabilities for your ever-growing business.


3) Am I totally happy with my current business software?


Ultimately, QuickBooks is a very capable business software that can service many businesses but ultimately the same tool that can help get you off the ground in your industry can be the chain that anchors you from the next step in your workflow. I remember working with one client specifically that stated that “they are just not happy with their current business software solution.” If you aren’t happy with the service that QuickBooks is providing to your business but are hesitant to make the transition from QuickBooks, don’t worry you are not alone. In fact, I remember one of our clients being worried about these key issues before their Dynamics transformation:

  • Is my team going to have sufficient training and support?
  • Will the transition to Dynamics breaks my workflow?
  • Can I expect a seamless customer experience during the migration, or should I anticipate any disruptions?

In an industry of advertised “quick solutions”, Sourcepass has an intimate plan just for you! We know that you have a unique business with a particular set of needs. We are fully prepared to give you a personally tailored solution that fits your unique business. With industry leading efficiency in hitting our “Go Live” dates, we also offer personalized training and extended support from our Dynamics experts. To ensure that not only your workflow is totally optimized, but your business integration is flourishing with Microsoft Dynamics.

When thinking about Dynamics, you might have a lot of questions on how your business can take the next step. Sourcepass offers best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics education to ensure that you make the right choice, after all our mission is to provide an IT experience that clients love. Take the time to speak with a Sourcepass Dynamics Specialist today!

Samuel Fox is the Sourcepass Dynamics New Business and Marketing Specialist.  Reach out to Sam at (877) 678-8080.