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Three Toughest Challenges of a Remote Workforce

Three Toughest Challenges of a Remote Workforce

So, you’ve implemented, or are considering, a remote workforce? That’s smart… and could be a game-changing accelerator for your business if done well.

Solving Remote Workforce Challenges

Does your business have what it needs to get the most out of enabling remote work while maximizing productivity and efficiency? To do so, you’ll need to solve the three toughest challenges of a remote workforce.


The Challenge | Whether you’re talking to your team or answering questions from your customers, communication makes up a significant portion of your day. It’s also the toughest challenge while working remotely. You need solutions that accommodate working from anywhere while providing the efficiency of working together in the office.

The Solution | There are two main solutions that optimize your communications while working remotely. Cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 provides Microsoft’s most powerful productivity tools including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, so you can collaborate with team members in real-time while VoIP telecom allows you to converse with colleagues and customers from virtually anywhere.



The Challenge | The use of mobile devices—especially when off-site—increases the likelihood of security gaps forming outside of your line of sight. Since many cyberattacks originate through email and remote access mechanisms, keeping mobile devices that are connected to your systems safe is critical to protecting your organization.

The Solution | With endpoint protection in place, you provide the technical safeguards to keep your laptops, tablets, and mobile devices safe from cybercriminals, while training your users on how to protect your personal devices provides the administrative safeguards by building knowledge of appropriate security procedures for keeping safe from phishing emails, ransomware, viruses, and other cyberattacks.



The Challenge | Protecting your network from unauthorized users and malicious attacks start with restricting access, but finding that IT sweet spot between giving your team the resources they need to succeed and limiting access from damaging intent is difficult to pinpoint. You need a solution designed to keep your business and customers protected.

The Solution | Keeping your business safe and your data confidential begins with network security services. Your systems are analyzed, and security procedures are implemented to close gaps in your defenses. Plus, restricting proper authorization to certified users and creating a multi-layer security approach best protects your network, servers, hardware, and ultimately, your business.

Managed IT Services with Sourcepass

Keeping your employees, customers, and business safe while working remotely isn’t difficult, but it does require expertise. We’re here to help make the transition and management of a remote workforce safe and easy. By helping you control your digital universe, you’ll have the power to transform your business.

Michael Lareau is the Sourcepass Vice President of Solution Engineering. Reach out to Mike at (877) 678-8080.