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Why I love what I do

Why I love what I do

Last week, I had the honor of being a guest speaker to a cohort of budding entrepreneurs, and the subject of the week was innovation. One of the questions I was asked was why I loved what I do?

I told them a story that dates back nearly 30 years. It was in my first year of working at IBS that a gentleman walked in our shop and was looking to buy his first computer. He was turning his passion of pottery into a commercial business and needed a computer to run QuickBooks. I sold him his first computer and he was off.

The local newspaper used to do a feature article on area businesses every Monday in their business section. About three months later, in an above the fold photo was a picture of this gentleman sitting on his desk with the computer that I had recently sold him on the credenza in the background. I wrote him a quick note and made a joke saying that I hope the computer was working out and if it wasn’t being used for QuickBooks, at least it made a good prop for the photo.

A few days later, he came in our office and brought me this mug. It was at that time that I first realized the impact of what we do on our clients. We help facilitate the business that all of our clients run, regardless of size or industry or geographic location. To think about the amount of business that Sourcepass now facilitates is mind-boggling. It's that impact that makes me love what I do.

To this day, the mug reminds me of why I love what I do. What makes you love what you do?

Dave DelVecchio is the Sourcepass VP of Marketing and Communications. Reach out to Dave at (877) 678-8080.